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EngTech (TMIET),BSc- HND, MICorr

NACE Senior Corrosion Technologist

NACE Certified Coatings Inspector

ICORR Level-3 Paint Inspector NS- 476 Norsok


I am constantly reading new reference material and relevant publications so as to keep up with the latest technologies and their possible problems. I do a lot of research by internet, being involved in group talks and core subjects on corrosion prevention's, Working worldwide as Coating inspector and Painting supervisor on various corrosion control projects. Marine (tankers, bulk carriers, container vessels, ro-ro, heavy lift vessels, naval vessels (USA and Mod -UK) and offshore new-builds in China and S Korea, Poland. Many marine vessel refurbishment dry docking, tanks, hull and superstructure. Storage tanks, w b t - cot, ABG and underground pipelines/ offshore surf pipe lay, Ammonia plant, oil and gas refineries, jetties, cranes, offshore fixed installations, FPSO-FSU subsea components etc,etc. Have worked in Europe, USA, Africa, Mid East, SE- Asia and Far East.

Employed as Coatings/Linings Adviser/Inspector Consultant. Working offshore as ICorr level III Coating inspector on CCC Den Helder overseeing all CC inspections and Training blasting- painting work personnel at Crosby Salamis in Newfoundland Canada prior to offshore mobilisation. Carried out one trip as Focal Point overseeing all logistics, mobilisation, manning of scaffolding, painting and insulation operations offshore on CCC and 16 satellites

I recently opened Prevent Corrosion Ltd. My own company providing third party inspection to various Clients up and down the country and overseas. I am working for KJV-G/Chevron au. In Indonesia on a permanent contract Senior Coating PFP Engineer, AGA Galvanising Certified Inspector Levels 2-3. I have attained a good relationship with Industry of Corrosion prevent and Corrosion Protection.

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